As a yoga novice, I didn't really know what to expect from the course but had vague hopes of maintaining some degree of suppleness during my pregnancy. In fact, I gained so much more from the classes than I could ever have imagined.

I learned relaxation techniques - a real breakthrough for me, as I tend to rush around all the time and have never been one to stop and take stock. Likewise yoga breathing, which really helped me during the early part of my labour: if you'd have told me nine months ago that I'd simply breathe through six hours of contractions, I'd have fallen about laughing!

But perhaps most of all I gained a new group of like-minded friends, all in various stages of pregnancy and all taking the class for different reasons. Since finishing the course we now meet once a week with our babies... and many of us will be signing up to the baby yoga course just as soon as our babies are old enough.

A huge thank you to Serena for such a worthwhile and enjoyable course.

VC, Creative Director

I started pregnancy yoga with Serena in the first trimester of my pregnancy and practises it right up until 2 days before my daughter was born.

Having not practised yoga before I was unsure as to how it would help, however I quickly became a huge convert. The week yoga not only helped me stay mobile through my pregnancy it also prepared me mentally and physically for the birth. I had a very swift natural labour with only gas and air and I believe the yoga played a huge part in my achieving this.

I would highly recommend Serena to any expectant mum, her studio is beautiful and she is a great teacher making us all believe we can deliver our babies in a happy calm and confident way.

It was also great knowing that once a week this time was sacred set aside for me and my baby which was great as we lead such hectic lives it's easy to forget you’re growing a baby!

AM, Marketing Director

Just to  thank you again for your insight and classes and to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation of classes-really liked the mix of sharing time, bonding with baby, breathing exercises, stretches and strengthening and relaxation.. Really was a great blend and always just felt so good afterwards, even at 8pm after a long day at work!

JH, Occupational Therapist

I was very impressed with the classes . I really appreciated the tempo of the practice, and the mood you have created for your calm and clear teaching in your lovely studio.

TO, Banker

Serena, I really enjoy your classes,  for so many reasons! Thank you for the thought and effort you put into them. I love the meditations and visualisations at the end and you explain postures clearly, with good use of props.

CN, Psychologist

Serena, thank you so much for the classes. They have helped me so much and in so many different ways.

DS, Teacher

The breathing techniques seriously helped....

JH, Midwife

The birth was amazing - it was so much better than I anticipated and didn't need any medication. I used the breathing techniques the whole way through. I think that's what got me through it.

HF, Banker

My favourite thing about the class is that it caters to babies as well as Mums - some classes I do are "baby friendly" but only have mum activities, so babies are expected to sit or sleep.

I love the songs in your classes and movements for babies, to keep them entertained as well as develop their skills.  The venue is beautiful and relaxing, and in terms of "mum benefits", the best thing for me is actually finding I have relaxation time - very rare!!  

It’s also great from a mental perspective I think - I enjoy the walk to you, the weekly pattern of visiting your class, and time with other new mums.  I also would like to say thank you for happily picking up the babies if they need a little bounce so that we can continue our exercises, that’s a lovely benefit to us :-)

LM, Marketing

Just a note to say how much Annabel and I have enjoyed the mum and baby yoga classes. It is a really nice thing for us to do together as it is for both of us, not just for mum and not just for baby. I have friends who have done mum and baby yoga classes which don't have such a good balance and they find it stressful (not the point of yoga!) trying to keep their baby quiet as the baby isn't so involved.

We have enjoyed meeting the other mums and babies and found the environment really friendly and comfortable. The studio is gorgeous - it feels very luxurious and it is much nicer than going to a draughty church hall! We are keen to continue with the classes.

LS, Lawyer

I started contractions...and managed a whole day without pain relief thanks to the breathing you have taught us. My yoga really has been amazing and the midwives were amazed I was getting through the pain with just controlled breathing. Thank you so much for your fantastic teachings over the past 6 months. They really were responsible for helping me get through things.

ZG, Lawyer

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