The Benefits of Yoga

Firstly, yoga asana (posture) practice will have a dramatic effect on your flexibility. Most importantly, it is extremely beneficial for the health of the spine.

Secondly, yoga will have a beneficial effect on your nervous system, helping to reduce stress. A more efficient nervous system results in a calmer, happier person, at ease with themselves and others. With a decrease in stress, the efficiency of the lymphatic system is increased, which strengthens natural immunity and resistance to disease.  Similarly, the digestive system is able to relax and this can be very beneficial for digestive disorders such as irritable bowel disease which have an emotional cause.

Thirdly, yoga asana practice will improve circulation and cardiovascular health. Asana practice helps to mobilise the circulatory system by stretching, opening, massaging and toning muscles, connective tissues, organs and the entire network of blood vessels. This enables blood to circulate more freely.

More dynamic postures and sequences like sun salutations help to increase the heart rate, which increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

A relaxation session at the end of the asana practice allows the heart rate to settle and brings about balance of oxygen distribution and carbon dioxide elimination.

Overall, yoga will improve your mental, emotional and physical state, as the body and mind are integrated. It will enhance the body's natural processes of healing and rejuvenation and encourage a sustained sense of wellbeing with which to meet the challenges of daily life.

yoga wimbledon
yoga wimbledon